PXe-60 Series 400Hz Static Frequency Converter

The PXe-60 Series 400Hz Static Frequency Converter is designed for various AC power conversion purposes. These include changing the frequency from 50Hz to 60Hz, 60Hz to 50Hz and converting 50/60Hz utility power to 400Hz. These converters are commonly used in applications such as export product testing and operational tests of imported equipment, particularly in military and avionics contexts.

Key features and components of the PXe-60 series 400Hz static frequency converter

  • Built-In Rectifier: These converters have a built-in rectifier that converts incoming AC power into DC.
  • Frequency and Voltage Conversion: DC power is inverted into the required frequency and voltage using Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) switching technology.
  • Isolation Transformer: Incorporating a built-in isolation transformer to ensure electrical isolation between input and output.
  • Command and Control Interfaces: These converters offer a variety of command and control interfaces, making them versatile and adaptable for different applications.


  • Testing of Military/Avionics Equipment: They are suitable for testing military and avionics equipment, which often operates at a 400Hz frequency. These converters can simulate various conditions, including maximum and minimum power requirements.
  • Aircraft Ground Power: They can be used for providing ground power to both fixed-wing and helicopter aircraft. This includes the provision of power in GPU (Ground Power Unit) form.

Conformance Standards

The mentioned approvals and conformance standards indicate that these converters meet specific industry standards and regulations. This makes them suitable for use in aviation and military applications. These standards include:
  • DFS400: Specification for 400 Hz aircraft power, ensuring compatibility with aircraft power systems.
  • ISO 6858: Aircraft ground support electric supplies, which specifies requirements for ground support equipment like these converters.
  • MIL-STD-704F: Aircraft electric power characteristics, ensuring compliance with military standards for aircraft power systems.
  • MH/T6018: Aircraft ground solid-state power unit, which may pertain to the design and performance of these converters.
  • EN61000-6-4: Electromagnetic compatibility generic emission standards.
  • EN61000-6-2: Electromagnetic compatibility generic immunity standards.
These standards ensure that the converters meet specific requirements for electromagnetic compatibility, emissions, immunity, and safety in aviation and military applications.
Overall, the PXe-60 series 400Hz static frequency converters are versatile and reliable solutions for various AC power conversion needs in specialised industries.
PXE-60 Series 400Hz Staic Frequency Converter
Setting new standards in 400Hz generation, the PXe-60 series frequency converters are ultra compact, near silent in operation and very low maintenance. They have a large easy-to-read digital display panel which displays all output parameters including voltage, current, frequency and power. An extensive options list allows each converter to be customised to specific requirements.
PX’s latest converter topology provides a robust, high quality 400Hz output, able to handle even the most non-linear and complex types of load. It is capable of working in continuous duty with a long service life and at very high efficiency levels. The new design benefits from extremely low levels of both acoustic and electrical noise.
The PXe-60 series includes 9 models ranging from 4KVA to 50KVA. All share the same comprehensive digital display panel, but with PX’s trade-mark simplicity of operation.
PXe-60 models may be ordered with variable output voltage and/or frequency. This allows the User to replicate the real ‘in the air’ aircraft supply quality when testing equipment. Output voltage and frequency are both continuously variable via front panel knobs.
A remote control panel is available allowing the converter to be monitored and controlled from up to 200m away. PXe-60 converters may also be fitted with an RS485 data bus, permitting all the performance parameters of the converter to be observed remotely. And to complete these extensive remote monitoring facilities, PXe-60s can also be ordered with volt-free contacts for all major status conditions.
  • Avionics/aircraft equipment development and R&D.
  • Production line and proving.
  • Hangar Plant room.
  • Test House.
  • Submersibles.
  • Special Applications.
  • For external GPU see PXe-60
PX60 Range
PX60 Range
PXE-60 Series 400Hz Staic Frequency Converter
PXe-60 Series 400Hz
400V or 440V +/-10%, 3ph
50Hz or 60Hz +/- 6%
Power factor
>0.98 @ full load
EN 61000-4-4, 5
115/200V or 120/208V, 3ph
Voltage regulation steady-state
+/- 2%
Voltage regulation dynamic
+/- 5% @ 0-100% step-load
400Hz +/- 0.1% under all conditions
Better than 3% @ linear load
Overall quality
Better than MIL-STD704E, DFS400
Pure sinusoid
Phase angle accuracy
Better than 1%
Overload capability
110% @ 30 mins, 200% @ 5 secs, 300% @ 1 sec
Permissible load power factor
0.6 leading to 0.6 lagging
Permissible phase un-balance
Secondary 28VDC output
70 amps continuous (optional)
Input supply
MCB, phase loss detection, over & under voltage
Over-current, over-temperature, phase loss detection, over & under voltage, short-circuit (any phase)
Display panel
Parameters displayed:
Output voltage (ph-ph + ph-N), output current, power, frequency, power factor
Better than class 0.25 IEC 60688
Input present, Converter healthy, Over-temperature, Overload, General fault
Ambient temperature range
-10 to 50 deg C
Electrical noise
EN 55022, IEC1000-4
Cabinet protection
Acoustic noise
<50dB(A) @ 1m
Mild steel, zinc plated, painted RAL7032 grey & white
Castors or feet
4KVA has rubber feet and lifting handles, others have . 80mm castors with front brakes. A/Vs or feet optional
Variable speed turbine, air intake in base, exhaust at rear
CE marked
Connector options
Hard-wire terminals, EN60309, MIL-STD, or Client choice
Remote Facilities
Remote control option
Remote control panel, electrically isolated from the converter, self-powered, On/Off + 5 status indications. Operational up to . 200m from the converter
Remote monitoring
RS485 2-wire/0V, ½ duplex ¼ unit load, MODBUS RTU 16-bit CRC 4800 or 9600 baud
Volt-free contacts (C/O)
Input supply present, output on/off, over-temperature, overload, fault. Contacts isolated from converter
Connector type remote
25-way ‘D’ socket
Variable output voltage
Via front panel knob, nominal voltage +/- 15%
Variable output frequency
Via front panel knob, 400Hz +/- 10%
Special input voltages
220V & 480V (3ph)
Special output voltages
67/115V, 3ph, 400Hz
Military EMC standard:
MIL-STD 461, MIL-STD704, STANAG 1008
EN61000-6-4, EN62040-1-1, EN55032, EN55035, EN IEC61000-3-2,VEN 6100-3-3GB50054-95, GB 50150-1991, GB 50150-2006, GB 50171-1992, GB/T 16935.5-2008, GB/T16935.4-2011,
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