PXe-PA910 High Accuracy (0.045%) Flexible Multi Channel 3ph Power Analyser

Introducing the new High Accuracy (0.045%)  PXe-910 Flexible Power Analyser, the newest addition to PXe’s family of AC DC Power Analyser products.
The new PXe-PA910 flexible power analyser is one of  the most powerful, accurate and flexible power analysers available on the market today. Available with 0.045% power accuracy these new products provide faster sampling rates, bandwidth performance and greater harmonic frequency, yet still easy-to-use and affordable.
The PXe-PA910  offers expanded power analysis options. The PXe-PA910 flexible power analyser offers ultra high 0.045% power accuracy for all channels and improved voltage and current self-heating ‘adders’ over those of competing power analysers. In addition, the PXe-PA910 Power analyser provides easy channel selection for the user, offering 100 full precision readings per second and measurement bandwidths sufficient to handle 5 MHz waveforms.
When You Need Maximum Performance & Accuracy Choose PXe’s PA910 Series Power Analysers!
– Accurate with any waveshape, 0.045% precision
– Improved Voltage and Current Self-Heating Adders
– Faster Sampling Rates & Bandwidth Performance
– Greater Harmonic Frequencies and precision
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Industry’s Easiest-To-Use Power Analyser  – PXE’s PA910 Series power analysers are the industry’s easiest-to-use power analyser. Equipped with a full colour touchscreen, the PA910 enables users too quickly and easily setup configurations, custom screens and interface commands.
Maximise Flexibility – The PXe-PA910 power analyser offers expanded power analysis options. The PXe-PA910 provides improved accuracy to 0.045% power for all channels and improved voltage and current self-heating adders over those of the PXe-PA900 series. In addition, the PA910 provides easy channel selection for the user while offering 100 full precision readings per second and measurement bandwidths sufficient to handle 5 MHz waveforms.
Maximum Results – For tackling tough power factor, low phase angle and high crest factor loads, the PA910 power analysers are unbeatable. Offering full performance for crest factors as high as 100:1, the PA910 series provides superior power measurement capabilities for the toughest power measurement applications.
Maximum Performance in a Variety of Applications – Design engineers are under constant pressure to increase efficiency and reduce excess product power consumption down to the last mW. Challenging programs like LED and HID lighting, solar panel energy output, efficiency testing on inverters and PWM motor drive systems on electric vehicles—all require fast, precise, reliable power measurement. The unequalled performance of the PXE-PA910/920 gives you the competitive advantage—the ability to accurately capture the waveforms and power data you need to squeeze the last drop of extra energy out of your project.
Modular Design = Maximum Flexibility – The PXe-PA910/20 Series Power Analysers are available in both pre-configured models or can be purchased in a modular package to provide the performance you need at a price that meets your budget. A single PA910 offers 8 available channel combinations to meet your power analysis needs.
PXe-PA910 Channel Cards for use with PXe-PA910 Mainframe (0.045% Accuracy)
VT Channel Card – Ultra-Precision Dual Shunt (1, 30A) Channel Card
VX Channel Card – Ultra-Precision External Current Transducer Input Channel Card
MT Channel Card – Motor Transducer Channel Card (Slot 4 only)


Harmonics Screen
Harmonics Screen
To meet advanced power harmonics requirements, the PA910 displays up to 500 harmonics even at aviation power frequencies. The chart can be set to show linear, relative linear, logarithmic or relative logarithmic amplitudes. Additionally, 8 harmonics can be selected for numeric display of amplitude and phase by touching the harmonic bar of interest. The user may also import harmonic limits, which when enabled will show out of tolerance harmonics in red above the limit line.


Power Data Screen
Power Screen
The power data screen, available with one touch, displays V, A, W, VA, VAR and PF data for any selected channel or group of channels known as a Virtual Power Analyzer™ (VPA). Up to three different VPAs can exist in in a single PA910. In addition to the primary data, peak readings, phase, CF and other parameters are also available. Integrated data results (WHr) can also be controlled and viewed from the power data screen. For users with unique data requirements, custom data screens can be built with a spreadsheet application and downloaded to the PA910 via interface or USB drive.


Scope View
Scope view Screen
Scope view offers waveform acquisition and analysis similar to a digital scope. Up to 6 signals can be displayed, each having user selectable scaling, offset and colour. Timebase, trigger and trigger position are all user selectable. However, with amplitude accuracies as high as 0.03% – you are unlikely to find any other scope with this high level of precision.


Cycle View
Cycle View Screen
The cycle view represents a single cycle of the voltage and or current periodic waveforms. The above waveforms represent a full 10V square wave in blue and a 50:1 zoomed in view in red. Since the user sets amplitude and scaling – the result is an almost unlimited ability to amplitude zoom to expose fine detail. The sampling is forced to be asynchronous to higher order harmonics which leads to an effective sampling rate of 384MSPS.


Vector Screen
Vector Screen
A polar chart graphically displays the fundamental voltage and current vectors for the selected channel or VPA. For multi-phase VPAs, the inter-phase voltages and non-measured neutral phase vectors are displayed. The user may enable the display of and select the colour of each vector up to a maximum of 10.


History Screen
History Screen
The PXe-PA910 automatically maintains a continuous historical record of all non-harmonic measurement results and selected harmonics. Up to four user selectable parameters can be graphically displayed using the HISTORY screen. The user can display the entire recorded period up to 397 days or zoom in as far as 1/64th of the total span. This provides an almost unlimited ability to amplitude zoom and includes a cursor which may be moved throughout the period with a touch of the screen.


Standby Power Screen
Stand by power Screen
The PXe-910 features built in standby power testing in accordance to EN50564:2011 (replaces IEC62301) which can be started with the press of a finger from the STBY POWER screen. All information is neatly organised onto a single screen for easy viewing and can just as easily be saved as an image file into a connected USB drive to add into any report. Various measurement methods laid out in EN50564:2011, minimum test time, and data-logging capability are all selectable. The PA910 also has the ability to perform standby power measurements independently in each configured VPA.

Product Features

  • PXe’s Newest most advanced Power Analyser
  • High Precision Accuracy of 0.045%
  • Up to 500 Harmonics at 400Hz, meets Airbus avionics harmonics measurement criteria. Bar graph also features fingertip selectable numeric amplitude and phase data
  • Large, Hi-Resolution Colour Display shows all AC Power Parameters you need with an easy-to-use touch-screen user interface for fast testing
  • Modular design lets you choose up to 4 Power Measurement Channel Cards in any combination of 3 different Channel Card types
  • Built-in Data Logger – Logs up to 16 selectable data results to USB thumb-drive or internal data storage. Intervals from 10mS to 100 hours with optional time/date stamps
  • Power Data Screen – displays V, A, W, VA, VAR and PF data for any selected channel or group of channels
  • Custom Power Data Screens – lets you choose the colour, font size, location and data you want displayed
  • With selectable time base and triggering – Scope View, acts as a digital scope to capture events such as in-rush current
  • Cycle View – Represents a single cycle of the voltage and current periodic waveforms sampled over many cycles within a measurement period
  • Vector Screen – Displays up to 10 fundamental voltage & current vectors
  • History Screen – Like a DVR or data recorder, the PXe-900 automatically maintains a continuous historical recording of measurement data. Any data from this record may be viewed or downloaded.  Pause, clear & restart functionality is available from the HISTORY screen or via interface
  • Standby Power Screen – Test in accordance to EN50564:2011 with an easy to set up, easier to use built in application. One screen holds all of your necessary data.
  • Effective Sampling Rate – for analysis of periodic signals within a measurement period is 384MS/s
  • Measurement Resolution – 22 bit for S & W type Channel Cards, 24 bit for A type
  • Up to 3 Different Virtual Power Analysers™ (VPAs) may be configured for three phase measurements or input/output efficiency tests – so there is no need to interconnect separate units in order to make synchronous or non-synchronous group power measurements
  • VPA Efficiency Grouping – Available data includes: Power totals for IN, MIDDLE and OUT efficiency groups, the power loss between any pair of groups, and the percentage efficiency between any pair of groups
  • VPA Multi-Channel Wiring – Each VPA may be configured as 2ø3w (2 ch), 3ø3w (2 ch), 3ø3w (3 ch), 3ø4w (3 ch)
  • Connectivity – Ethernet, High Speed Serial and USB (client) control interfaces
  • Optional Multi-Unit (Option MU) connection available to combine multiple PA900 units to enable you to make measurements with up to thousands of channels
  • Front Panel USB Drive Interface – Permits data logging to a file, ‘screen shot’ capture, easy import and export of: display and measurement configurations & custom data screen definitions
  • Available MT type Channel Card for motor torque & speed inputs
  • CE mark certified to EN61010
  • 2 Year Parts & Labour Warranty, 2 Year Accuracy Specs and calibration cycle

PXe-PA910 Specifications

Voltage Input Capability and Characteristics

V Channel Type
K Channel Type
B Channel Type
U Channel Type
Voltage Input Burden
1.201MΩ ± 3kΩ
2MΩ ± 5kΩ
801.5kΩ ± 2kΩ
1.201MΩ ± 3kΩ
Maximum Measurable Voltage (pk, de or rms)
Max. Specified Continuous Voltage (within maximum measurable peak)
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available
No Damage Voltage
< 1ms
< 100ms
< 5s
<3kVRMS and VPK
<4kVRMS and VPK
<3kVRMS and VPK
<3kVRMS and VPK
Mains Safety Rating
1000V/CAT II, 600V/CAT III, 300V/CAT IV
Transient Isolation Voltage (to ground)
Voltage Accuracy (DC, 20Hz-1kHz) ± Self-Heating Adder
± 0.03%±0.02% per kV2
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available
± 0.03%±0.06% per kV2
± 0.03%±0.015% per kV2
± 0.015%±0.0075% per kV2
DC Voltage Floor
AC Voltage Floor (10kHz BW)
450µV + 1OOµV/vrdg
750µV + 2OOµV/vrdg
300µV + 75µV/vrdg
450µV + 100µV/vrdg
3dB Voltage Bandwidth (typical)
Maximum Harmonic Frequency
< 590kHZ and <500 harmonics
Effective Sampling
24bits @ 192MSPS
Physical Sampling
6bits+ 18bits @ > 1.2MSPS combined

Current Input Capability and Characteristics

T Current Option
X Current Option
HI Range
LO Range
HI Range
LO Range
Current Input Burden
8mΩ nominal
505mΩ nominal
153kΩ ± 0.5kΩ
100.5kΩ ± 0.3kΩ
Maximum Measurable Current (pk, de or rms)
Specified Continuous Current (within measurable peak)
No Damage Current
<200ARMS and <300APK
<150ARMS and <200APK
< lkVRMs and VPK (fuse protected above 18V)
Mains Safety Rating (Isolation)
1000V/CAT II, 600V/CAT III, 300V /CAT IV
Transient Isolation Voltage (to ground)
Current Accuracy (DC, 2 OHz-lkHz) ± Self-Heating Adder
UT or UX
±0.018% ± 0.000025% Per A2
± 0.03%± 0.00005% per A2
± 0.03%
DC Current Floor
BT or BX
AC Current Floor (10kHz BW)
38µA + 1.5µA/Ardg
0.25µA + 0.1nA/Ardg
6µA + 35nV/Vrdg
0.15µA + 0.02nV/Vrdg
3dB Current Bandwidth (typical)
BT or BX
Maximum Harmonic Frequency
< 590kHz and <500 harmonics
Effective Sampling
24bits @ 192MSPS
Physical Sampling
6bits+ 18bits@ > 1.2MSPS combined

Power (W) Input Capability and Characteristics

V Channel Type
K Channel Type
B Channel Type
U Channel Type
Power Accuracy(DC, 20Hz-1kHz)
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available
Self-Heating Adder
± (V and A self-heating)
DC Power Floor (Apply to DC Only)
(Vrdg*DC current floor) ± (Ardg*DC voltage floor) ± (DC voltage floor*DC current floor)
Phase Floor
± 0.005oper kHz
± 0.003oper kHz
± 0.005oper kHz
Note: Specifications subject to change.


Nominal Dimensions
137mmH x 248mmW x 284mmD ( 5.4″ x 9.75″ x 11.2″) with feet not extended
Nominal Weight
3.2kg (71b) net, 5kg (111b) shipping


Storage Environment
-20 to 75C (-4 to 167F) (non-condensing)
Operating Environment
0 to 40C (32 to 104F), <85% RH (non-condensing), Pollution Degree 2
Operating Altitude
0 to 2000m (6560ft) ASL

Power Supply

Line Power
Installation Category 11; 85-264Vrms, 45 to 65Hz, 40VA max. Internally fused with a non-user serviceable fuse


LAN (Ethernet), Serial (RS232), USB (Client) and USB (Host – Front Panel) for mass data storage


7″ 800x480px 18bpp color LCD with resistive touch panel.
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