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PXe-CTi & PXe-CTrms Current sensors

The PXe-CTi & PXe-CTrms Current sensors convert ac current to an isolated 0-5V voltage or 4-20mA current loop.  Offering a choice of proportional (rms) and instantaneous outputs. The available RCT current ranges are 0-100A to 0-50,000Apk.   The RCT current probes provide accurate measurement over a wide bandwidth. This ensures precise measurements even with distorted wave shapes. The RCT use a flexible clip-on sensing coil and are available as single and three phase models.

The PXe-CTi & PXe-CTrms Current sensors provide all popular process control voltage and current loop outputs along with custom output options. All current sensors are split core and installation is possible without shutting down the electrical supply. This reduces interruption and down-time costs. Typical applications are power saving, power quality, retrospective energy monitoring project in offices and process control systems, where power, energy and current monitoring requires control.  Compatible load types are factories, offices, VFD drives, ultrasonic welding, power conversion and power distribution.  All RCT models come with a traceable calibration certificate and certificate of conformance. All RCT sensors are constructed with CE, UL or CSA approved materials.

PXe-CTi & PXe-CTi-3phase

The PXe-CTi is a current transducer for permanent installation. Simple to install and easy to retrofit, the Rogowski (sense) coil is thin, lightweight, flexible and clip-around. The secondary output from the transducer is an instantaneous voltage proportional to the measured primary current. It provides an accurate, low cost, wide-band measurement of the primary current.

The PXe-CTi is used with power and harmonic meters and analysers, current meters, data-loggers, data acquisition cards, and in power quality applications.

The PXe-CTi is available as a single channel transducer (RCTi) or as a 3 Channel Version (RCTi-3phase)

PXe-CTrms & PXe-CTrms-3phase

The PXe-CTrms is an ac current transducer for permanent installation. Simple to install and easy to retrofit it combines the following benefits. A thin, flexible, clip-around Rogowski (sense) coil with a signal conditioner providing accurate, true rms measurement, of ac current.

The PXe-CTrms has an industry standard 4-20mA output making it ideal for process control, status alarming or system monitoring purposes. Typically the PXe-CTrms is used with SCADA systems, PLCs, data loggers and protection equipment.

The PXe-CTrms is available as a single channel transducer or as a 3 Channel Version.


The PXe-CT1A is a genuine Current Transformer replacement but has all the intrinsic benefits of a thin, light-weight, flexible, clip-around Rogowski (sense) coil. Just like a Current Transformer the PXe-CT1A secondary output is an industry standard 0 to 1A (5VA pf 1) instantaneous current proportional to the measured primary current.

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RCTi and RCTms Current Probe
  • Available as single or three phase with isolated output
  • Available sense coil lengths 300, 500 or 700mm
  • Optional mini coils, 3.5mm thickness, 100, 200 or 300mm length
  • 0-5V (7.07pk ) into 1kohm or 4-20mA outputs
  • 2kV insulation continuous (tested 4kV) / 10kV optional (tested 15kV)
  • <1% accuracy from 5%-150% of range
  • Bandwidth 0.6Hz to 1MHz
  • Operation to 150% FS 10.6Vpk
  • 12, 24, 48, 125Vdc or 110Vac, 220Vac power supply options, see *
  • Operating range -5degC to +65degC
  • Safety EN61010:2001
  • CE marked
RCTi single phase
RCTi 3Phase
RCTi three phase
RCTi signal conditioner
RCTi optional 1A or 5A output
RTCi 1A or 5A output


Rated current (rms) 250Arms to 50kArms
Rated output (Full scale FS) 5.0Vrms (± 7.07V peak)
Output limit 150% FS (± 10.6V peak)
Supply voltage (wide input) 12Vdc (-10%) to 24Vdc (+20%)
Maximum input power 0.4W
Operating temperature range –5℃ to +65℃ (Integrator electronics)
–20℃ to +80℃ (Coil and cable)
Bandwidth (-3dB) (<2000A) 0.6Hz to 1MHz (300mm) 600kHz (700mm)
(>2000A) 0.2Hz to 1MHz (300mm) 600kHz (700mm)
Phase shift @50Hz (<2000A) 0.9±0.1 degrees
(>2000A) 0.4±0.1 degrees
Accuracy (typ.) ±1.0% of reading
(5% to 150% FS, 25℃)
Output load > 10.0 k ohm
Coil Length 300mm, 500mm or 700mm (Custom lengths available)
Cable Length (coil to integrator) 1m or 2.5m (Custom lengths available)


  • Traceable calibration (certificate included)
  • No magnetic materials means excellent linearity < 0.1% reading
  • Fully isolated measurement
    • Isolated power supply 2kVdc
    • Coil rated at 2kVpeak (withstand test is 4kVrms / 50Hz / 60 sec)
  • Small DIN rail (or panel mount) enclosure – UL94V-0 rated


  • IP65 die-cast aluminium panel mount enclosure (previously known as the IRF)
  • Isolated BNC-BNC cable split option between coil and electronics to enable ease of installation e.g. threading through existing conduit. Standard cable permanently fixed.
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