PXe-98x Teraohmmeter/ Insulation Resistance (IR) Tester

The PXe-98x Series Teraohmmeter meets today’s demanding requirements for higher voltage IR (insulation resistance) testing.

Built upon the same DSP technology that has established PXe as a leader in Hi-pot test systems, the 98xi devices feature a unique combination of performance features including:

– Multi-dwell Functionality (multiple steps without having to return to zero between steps)

– High-speed Testing (with dwell times as low as 100 ms)

– Pico-Amp Leakage Measurement (with stable and precise 50 Teraohm IR readings)

– Continuously Variable IR Test Voltage (adjustable over the full output range of the instrument)

– Multi-mode Insulation Resistance Tests (three test modes – end on time, end on pass, end on fail)

– Capacitance Test Modes (critical for solar panels, cable harnesses and other capacitive loads)

– For IR testing of Multi Conductor Applications

The PXe-98x 1 IR Testers have the capability of directly controlling up to four 64-channel PXe-964i high-voltage scanners. Utilising a PC equipped with PXe’s QT Enterprise™ software, the same instrument can handle up to 1020 test points.

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PXe-98x Teraohmmeter-Insulation Resistance Tester

Expanding the possibilities of High Voltage Resistance Measurement

PXe-98x display

The new PXe-981i and PXe-983i Teraohmmeters are designed to meet the most demanding High Resistance measurement applications, where most other IR testers won’t measure.  When testing higher voltage IR values found in today’s electric vehicle systems and higher voltage solar arrays — PXe has insulation testers to suit your IR  production line needs.

What sets the PXe’s 98x Series IR testers apart from the others?
For starters, these units are based on PXe’s proven DSP technology — so they have the ability to work into capacitive loads where most others do not. And when it comes to output voltage range, Vitrek delivers — with up to 6.5 KVDC for the 981i and up to 11KV with the 983i.

Need to Perform an Insulation Resistance Test on a Multi-Conductor Cable Harness?
The 981i and 983i have the ability to directly control up to four 64 channel HV scanners, right out of the box. That is up to 256 test points and using a PC with PXE’s Q-Test software you can expand the count up to 1020 test points. The HV Switching System of choice is the PXe-964i, which can hold eight 8-channel switching cards — available in 7, 10 and 15KV ratings.

Many Electric Vehicles EV and solar panel arrays are now operating at 2.5kV or above, the PXe-98x is the ideal product to consider Solar power

Product Features and Benefits

  • Highest Range of IR Test Voltage — Choose from 6.5KVDC or 11KVDC maximum output
  • Continuously Variable Insulation Resistance Test Voltage — Unlike many IR testers which limit you to 3 or 4 discrete test voltages, the 981i allows you to select the test voltage you need from 30V to 6.5KV with 1 volt resolution. The 983i provides outputs from 60V to 11KV
  • Fast IR Readings — High speed output control with Dual Coldfire microprocessors and Dual DSPs to provide dwell times as low as 100ms
  • Capacitive Loads — The 981i & 983i are specified for use with capacitive loads, most IR testers are not. This means the 981i & 983i are exceptional at performing IR tests on cabling PV panels and CMC devices
  • High Resistance Measurement Range — Transfer measurement up to 150 Teraohms
  • Measure IR on Grounded Loads — Some DUTs cannot be isolated from earth ground, add option HSS2 to make precise IR measurements on grounded loads
  • Expansive Test Sequency Memory holds up to 100 tests with up to 254 steps per insulation resistance test. Tests can be selected via front panel, Ethernet, RS232 or with optional GPIB
  • Light Weight Design — Better reliability, easier on your back. Compare the 4.5 kg 981i/983i to whatever you’ve been using. PXE delivers superior performance in a smaller, lighter footprint
  • Multi-Dwell Functionality — permits dwells at different voltage levels without having to return to zero between test steps – dramatically simplifying advanced analysis of dielectric properties
  • 3 Year Extended Warranty — 1 year standard, total of 3 years extended warranty with registration and annual factory calibration. Built-in reliability you can count on for years to come
  • Ethernet, RS232, Digital I/O & Scanner Control — All standard interfaces – Provides the highest level of test automation. GPIB available
  • Safety Tested per EN 61010-1. EMC compliant to EN 61326-1
  • Pico-Amp Leakage Measurement ensures that even the lowest leakage current levels are accurately detected and 150 Teraohm transfer and 50 Teraohm IR readings are stable and precise
  • Manual Test Mode — Allows for variable voltage output during testing with continuous measurements and pass/fail indiciation until the user stops the test
  • Test Specific Fixture & Cable Compensation — Automatically calibrate out offset errors caused by test fixture insulation resistance and capacitive and leakage
  • Multi-Mode IR — Values up to one Teraohm or more can be obtained with precision in your choice of 4 IR test modes – end on time, end on pass or end on fail or steady or rising

General Specifications

Specifications: Valid after 15 minute warm-up, for 1 year from last external calibration, and for ambient temperature within +/- 2 Degrees C of last performed ZERO operation.
Ethernet: High speed, high noise immunity LAN interface
RS232 Interface: Selectable baud: 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600 or 115200, full handshake
VICL Interfaces: Provided for control of HV Scanners
Digital I/O Interface: Provides 4 digital inputs and 5 digital outputs. Functions include, Start/Stop, Testing, Pass/Fail, HV Present, Safety Interlock, Dwell Timer
Optional GPIB: Option GPIB-9 adds GPIB interface capability
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C
Humidity: <85% RH (non-condensing)
Power: 105-265Vrms, 45-65Hz, 500VA Max
Dimensions: 89mm H x 432mm W x 457mm D (3.5″ H x 17″ W x 18″ D)
Power: 105-265Vrms, 45-65Hz, 500VA Max
Weight: 5Kg (11 lb.) Net / 7Kg (15 lb.)
Accessories: Alligator test leads, NIST traceable calibration certificate with no data, power cord and operator’s manual. Limited ISO 17025 cal cert with data & uncertainties available.

DC Output Voltage

981i: 30V to 6500V
Accuracy: +/- (0.25% rdg + 0.1V)
981i with option HSS2: 30V to 5000V
Accuracy: +/- (0.25% rdg + 0.1V+1V/mA)
983i: 60V to 11000V
Accuracy: +/- (0.25% rdg + 0.2V)
Output Resolution: 1V
Loading: up to 4mA charging, 2mA continuous

Current Measurement

981i & 983i RETURN current only, 1pA to 4mA Accuracy (Resistive Load up to 1000pF): +/- (0.5%rdg + 10pA + 2pA per kV))
Accuracy (Capacitive Load 1000pF to 50nF): +/- (0.5%rdg + 100pA + 20pA per kV))
Accuracy (Capacitive Load >50nF): +/- (0.5%rdg + 1nA + 200pA per kV))
Option HSS2 HV Output current, 1nA to 4mA (for grounded loads) Accuracy (Resistive Load up to 1000pF), C<1000pF): +/- (0.5%rdg + 5nA + 1nA per kV)) Accuracy (Capacitive Load 1000pF to 50nF): +/- (0.5%rdg + 7.5nA + 2.5nA per kV)) Accuracy (Capacitive Load >50nF): +/- (0.5%rdg + 10nA + 5nA per kV))
Resistance Measurement NOTE: the use of the OFFSET (or ZERO) capability in either AUTO or MANUAL TEST modes is not required to meet these specifications – the OFFSET capability is intended to allow the user to offset externally produced leakages.
Minimum resistance: Higher of 50k 0hm or (V/4mA)
981i Resistive Loading: +/-(0.4%rdg + (R/(1Tohm per kV))%rdg + (10/V)%rdg + 20ohms per kV) for R <50Tohm Capacitive Loading (1000pF to 50nF): +/-(0.5%rdg + (R/(100Gohm per kV))%rdg + (10/V)%rdg + 100ohms per kV) for R <5Tohm
Capacitive Loading (>50nF):+/-(0.6%rdg + (R/(10Gohm per kV))%rdg + (10/V)%rdg + 1kohms per kV) for R <500Gohm
981 + HSS2 (DUT ISOLATED) As 981i plus 1kohm
Resistive Loading: +/-(0.5%rdg + (R/(2Gohm per kV))%rdg + (10/V)%rdg + 20ohms per kV) for R < 100Gohm
Capacitive Loading ( 1OOO pF to 50nF): +/-(0.6%rdg + (R/(2Gohm per kV))%rdg + (1O/V)%rdg + 1OOohms per kV) for R < 1OOGohm
Capacitive Loading (>50nF): +/-(0.75%rdg + (R/(1Gohm per kV))%rdg + ( 10/V)%rdg + 1kohms per kV) for R <50Gohm”
983i Resistive Loading : +/-(0.4%rdg + (R/(1Tohm per kV))%rdg + (20/V)%rdg + 40ohms per kV) for R < 50Tohm
Capacitive Loading (1OOO pF to 50nF): +/-(0.5%rdg + (R/(1OOGohm per kV))%rdg + (20/V)%rdg + 200ohms per kV) for R &lt 5Tohm
Capacitive Loading (>50nF): +/-(0.6%rdg + (R/(1OGohm per kV))%rdg + (20/V)%rdg + 2kohms per kV) for R <500Gohm

Transfer Measurement

Comparative Measurement Capability (measurement of multiple values within 10% at the same test voltage, in the same environmental conditions within +/-1C, within a 1 hour period, with no intervening ZERO operations, and constant power)
Uncertainty (Resistive Load): +/- (0.05%rdg + (R/(5Tohm per kV))%rdg + (1/V)%rdg + 2ohms per kV) for R < 150Tohm


Charge Time: 1 second minimum charge time, 9999 sec max.
Dwell Time: 0.1s to 9999 days, 0.1 sec resolution
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