PXe-699 AC/ DC Current Probe

The PXe-699 AC/ DC Current Probe enables a general purpose oscilloscope to display AC and DC current signals up to 80 amps Peak (28A RMS). The PXe-699 AC/ DC Current Probe can also make AC and DC measurements with a multimeter by using the recommended accessory MT-246N (BNC-to-banana) plug adapter.

  • High sensitivity: 1mA, High frequency: 1.5MHz. They are all 10 multiple calculation. Calculation is not making mistakes.
  • Max measuring current: +/- 40A DC / 80 Ap-p
  • Max sensitivity: ≧1mA
  • Bandwidth: DC ~ 1.5 MHz
  • Rising Time: 0.23 uS
  • Overload indicator
  • 1V/A, 0.1V/A 2 ranges selectors
  • Input power switching (priority circuit) and battery available
  • Dispatching design, high durability

Other probes in the range are available, please use the Current Probe selection guide below to choose what is right for your application. Data sheets available upon request.

PXe-699 AC/ DC Current Probe
Model PA-699
DC Accuracy Typical ± 3%: 10mA ~ 8A peak at 1V/A

± 4%: 100mA ~ 80A peak at 0.1V/A

Max. Working Voltage 300V CAT III
Max. Sensitivity 0.23 μS
Frequency Range ³ 1 mA
Rise Time DC ~ 1.5MHz (-3dB)
Battery or Adaptor 9V NEDA 1604A, IEC DLR61 or PINTEK Specified Adaptor
Accessories BP-250, MT-246N, Adaptor, Insulation Manual.


BP-250 Cable

MT-246N Connector

AC Adapter

PA-699 acessories

PA-699 Current Probe

Current Probe Selection Guide

MODEL PA-622 PA-629 PA-655 PA-659 PA-677 PA-699
MAX DC 100A 400A 50A 200A 70A 40A
MAX AC p-p 200A 800A 100A 400A 140A 80A
MAX AC RMS 70A 280A 35A 140A 49A 28A
Band Width (-3dB) DC ~ 300KHz DC ~ 300KHz DC ~ 500KHz DC ~ 500KHz DC ~ 1MKHz DC ~ 1.5MKHz
Sensitivity 1mV=?mA 10mA/100mA 10mA/100mA 5mA/50mA 5mA/50mA 2mA/20mA 1mA/10mA
Rise Time 1.2S 1.2S 0.7S 0.7S 0.35S 0.2S
Max Working Voltage 300 CAT II 300 CAT III 300 CAT III 300 CAT III 300 CAT II 300 CAT III
Accuracy Typical (DC) 3%:
50mA ~ 10A
4% ~ 40A
15% ~ 100A
50mA ~ 40A
4% ~ 160A
15% ~ 400A
30mA ~ 5A
4% ~ 20A
15% ~ 50A
30mA ~ 20A
4% ~ 80A
15% ~ 200A
20mA ~ 14A
4% ~ 50A
15% ~ 70A
10mA ~ 4A
4% ~ 40A
Power Source 9V Battery or Adaptor 9V Battery or Adaptor 9V Battery or Adaptor 9V Battery or Adaptor 9V Battery or Adaptor 9V Battery or Adaptor
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