Moku:Lab Frequency Response Analyser

Moku:Lab is a Frequency Response Analyser with a reconfigurable hardware platform. It combines the digital signal processing power of an FPGA with versatile analog inputs and outputs. This simplifies your workflow by giving you access to 12 high-performance instruments. Enabling you to measure what you need when you need.

Below are a selection of the 12 core instruments available:

The Moku:Lab Frequency Response Analyser enables you to measure the frequency response and gain/ phase of a system in both magnitude and phase using a swept sine output from 10 mHz to 120 MHz. Select from between 32 and 512 points per sweep and configure settling and averaging times to reject unwanted noise during the frequency sweep process.

Moku:Lab’s Phasemeter measures phase of up to two input signals with better than 6 µradian precision from 1 kHz up to 200 MHz. Based on a digitally implemented phase-locked loop architecture, Moku:Lab’s Phasemeter provides exceptional dynamic range, zero dead-time and measurement precision that exceeds the performance of conventional lock-in amplifiers and frequency counters.

Moku:Lab’s Oscilloscope features two 500 MSa/s analog input channels with 200 MHz analog bandwidth, 10 Vpp input voltage range, and user-configurable AC / DC coupling and 50 Ω / 1 MΩ impedance. The Oscilloscope also features two integrated waveform generators. These are capable of producing sine waves at up to 250 MHz. They also produce square, ramp, and pulse waves at up to 100 MHz. This enables it to simulate a system and measure its response simultaneously.

Other core instruments are:

  • Lock-in Amplifier
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • Waveform Generator
  • PID Controller
  • Data Logger
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Laser Lock Box
  • Digital Filter Box
  • FIR Filter Builder

Further specifications for the Frequency Response analyser, Phasemeter and Oscilloscope can be found below, for datasheets and user manuals on these and any of the other instruments please ask for further information.

Moku:Lab Frequency Response Analyser

Key Features:

  • Stimulate the device under test
    Linear or logarithmic swept sine output
  • Configurable math channel
    Add, subtract, multiply, or divide response functions as they are acquired
  • Rapid phase, amplitude vs. frequency measurements
    Use cursors and markers to measure exact values on the plots
  • Wide range of settling and averaging times
    Measurement averaging and settling times are highly configurable
  • Rapid data sharing
    Easily save data and upload to the cloud or Dropbox in common formats
  • 2 outputs and 2 inputs are independently configurable
    Probe two systems simultaneously, or one system at two points
  • Live Bode plot updates, or pause for analysis
    Monitor the magnitude and phase on the interactive Bode plot
  • One touch normalisation
    Save a normalisation trace to compare systems or remove spurious cable shifts



  • Impedance measurement
  • Capacitance/inductance measurement
  • System Stability analysis
  • Power supply response and stability analysis
  • EMI filter characterisation
  • Electrochemical impedance analysis
  • Biochemical impedance analysis
  • Line regulation




Frequency range 10 mHz to 120 MHz
Averaging time 1 µs to 10 s
Settling time 1 µs to 10 s
Sweep Linear/Logarithmic
Sweep points 32, 64, 128, 256, 512
Source impedance 50 Ω
Output voltage range 50 Ω or 1 MΩ
Input voltage range 1 Vpp or 10 Vpp
Noise-floor* ·      10 mHz to 100 kHz: -100 dB

·      100kHz to 1 MHz: -125 dB

·      1 MHz to 50 MHz: -130 dB

·      50 MHz to 120 MHz: -120 dB


*500 mVpp amplitude

Harmonic detection Up to 15th

Key Features:

  • Two independent phasemeter channels with output options

Track and record the phase, frequency, and amplitude of two independent signals.

Phase-locked output option enables you to generate sine waves that are phase-locked to the inputs.

  • Real-time data analysis support
    Real-time spectral analysis to display and save Power Spectral Densities, Amplitude Spectral Densities, Allan Deviation and more
  • Built-in analysis
    Allan Deviation
  • Flexible signal tracking options
    Phase-locked loop tracking bandwidths from 10 mHz (great for tracking low SNR signals) up to 10 kHz (ideal for signals with large dynamics).

Free-wheeling mode intelligently holds the loop state when the signal fades unexpectedly and automatically re-engages when it returns.



  • Oscillator analysis
  • Optical/ultrasound ranging
  • Gravitational wave detection
  • Interferometry
  • Phase-locked loop



Input frequency range 1 kHz – 200 MHz
Tracking bandwidth • 300 mHz
• 600 mHz
• 2.5 Hz
• 10 Hz
• 40 Hz
• 150 Hz
• 600 Hz
• 2.5 kHz
• 10 kHz
Frequency set-point precision 3.55 µHz
Frequency precision Up to f x 10 µHz/√Hz, f = Fourier frequency
Input voltage range 1 Vpp or 10 Vpp
Data logging rates • 30.5 Hz
• 122 Hz
• 488 Hz
• 1.95 kHz
• 15.6 kHz
• 125 kHz
Phase precision Up to 100 nCycles/√Hz above 1 Hz

Key Features:

  • Onboard signal analysis toolbox
    Visualisation tools including measurement trends and histograms
  • Math channel
    Add, subtract, multiply, divide, XY mode, FFT, arbitrary equation mode, and many more
  • Histograms
    Display live, full frame rate histograms, useful for diagnosing sources of error such as electronic crosstalk
  • Interpolation options
    Linear, Sinc, and Gaussian
  • Cursors abound
    Show up to 5 cursors on each channel and on the horizontal axis. Each one can be set as a reference or pinned to the waveform
  • Onboard Waveform Generators
    Built-in two-channel 250 MHz waveform generator
  • Output waveforms
    Sine, square, ramp, pulse, DC



  • Signal monitoring and analysis
  • Circuit design and characterization
  • Jitter/clock analysis
  • Photo detector alignment
  • Automated system test
  • System test and debug



Sample rate 500 MSa/s
Input bandwidth 200 MHz
Input range -5 V to 5 V
Input coupling AC or DC
Input impedance 50 Ω or 1 MΩ
Input noise <30 nV/√Hz above 100 kHz
Output bandwidth 300 MHz
Vertical resolution 12 bits at 500 MSa/s, up to 22 bits at 1 kSa/s
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